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ANZAC: Mateship remembered in Maitland memorial service, photos

Scenes from the Maitland Anzac service. Picture: Simone de Peak WASHOUT: Anzac march participants take flight to the bowling club Picture: Simone de Peak

Scenes from the Maitland Anzac service. Picture: Simone de Peak

Scenes from the Maitland Anzac service. Picture: Simone de Peak

Scenes from the Maitland Anzac service. Picture: Simone de Peak

Scenes from the Maitland Anzac service. Picture: Simone de Peak

Scenes from the Maitland Anzac service. Picture: Simone de Peak

Scenes from the Maitland Anzac service. Picture: Simone de Peak

PAYING RESPECTS: Abby Capararo, 16, of the 308 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets with her father Graham after the memorial service, Picture: Simone de Peak

RESECT: Gladiators members lay flowers to honour fallen soldiers during the service. Picture: Simone de Peak

Scenes from the Maitland Anzac service. Picture: Simone de Peak

Scenes from the Maitland Anzac service. Picture: Simone de Peak

ON THE MOVE: Maitland’s Anzac march was transferred to the bowling club due to bad weather. Pictures: Simone De Peak

MAITLAND drew an impressive crowd to honour the Anzacs despite a cosy wet weather setting at the Maitland Park Bowling Club.

All were in good spirits as they heard the addresses given in honour of fallen soldiers.

Miss Maitland 2014, Alexis Adams gave the youth address, commenting on the bravery and mateship highlighted by many Anzac stories.

She said Anzac Day represented hard work that is mirrored in the everyday lives of many young people training in the armed forces today.

The main commemorative address focused on indigenous Australian soldiers, who were forced to fight for half pay with no opportunity for promotion and were not even allowed inside pubs for moments of long-earned respite.

One medal-adorned member of the crowd was Graham Capararo, 61, whose father and grandfather fought in the world wars.

Mr Capararo’s father, Kenneth Andrew Capararo, was posted in New Guinea during WWII. He was discharged in late 1944 due to suffering constant malaria. He served for almost four years.

Graham Capararo’s grandfather, Harry Langford fought in WWI and was wounded in two battles in France. After retiring, he returned to Australia, but Mr Capararo said shrapnel remaining in his body shortened his life.

Mr Capararo was conscripted to serve in Vietnam, but the war was over before his service began.

Another military-minded member of the family, Mr Capararo’s daughter, Abby, contributed to the Maitland Anzac dawn service as a sergeant in the 308 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets.

Abby Capararo is just 16, but already has her heart set on joining the Australian Air Force next year.

She spent a month last year in France with the rest of the cadets, visiting WWI battlefields.

There, she saw the sites where her great-grandfather was wounded.

‘‘It was a very emotional experience for me,’’ she said of the trip.

‘‘I teared up in a lot of the places we visited.’’

But Ms Capararo said she was disappointed by the commercialisation of Anzac Day in Australia.

‘‘I saw Normandy and the Western Front. In the silence, I could hear birds and wind and silence from those visiting. Now there are seats everywhere. It’s like a theatre.

‘‘Gallipoli, as well, is particularly commercial during this time, and people going there for an emotional experience will be disappointed if that’s the kind of thing they see.’’

Still, she says the respect for WWI Australian diggers displayed by France and England was encouraging.

‘‘Recognising by our uniforms that we were from Australia, people near the battlefields in France asked us to have lunch with them and didn’t even make us pay,’’ she said.

‘‘And in the middle of Hyde Park in London, a WWI memorial pays tribute to Maitland, Cessnock, Dungog and Newcastle.’’

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One day three ways: Belfast


A travel company recently analysed millions of location-tagged photographs on Instagram, and concluded from all the smiling faces that Belfast is now the happiest city in Britain – possibly because the city is so affordable. Start your day with low-cost, high-grade coffee and a bacon bap at Common Grounds, a cafe inside the Belfast City church ($5, commongrounds.co.uk). Take a Harper’s Taxis tour up the Falls Road and down the Shankhill, where the famous sectarian murals provide a vivid visual aid to understanding the city’s former troubles (from $50, harpertaxitours苏州美甲培训). Spend the afternoon in the Cathedral Quarter (www.thecathedralquarter苏州美甲培训) – a dead end recently revived with new art venues and galleries, then the evening in the tiny and fantastic Spaniard pub ($30). The Premier Inn is also near the cathedral, with rooms from $45 (premierinn苏州美甲培训/en/hotel/belbar/belfast-city-cathedral-quarter)

TOTAL: $130


The great wee corner cafe Rhubarb does a full “Ulster fry”- the mightiest of breakfasts – for less than $10 (rhubarb-belfast.co.uk). If it’s raining, browse St George’s market, one of the last and best historic covered markets in Britain (budget $50 or so). Spend the rest of the day on the Titanic Experience and Titanic Discovery tour – a whole quarter of the city is now given over to the story of the doomed ship and its construction in Belfast (from $30 for both main tours, titanicbelfast苏州美甲培训). Then mix with the locals in the Crown Liquor Saloon, a Victorian drinking palace that also does decent pub food ($50 approx for drinks and dinner, nicholsonspubs.co.uk/thecrownliquorsaloonbelfast), before taking a room at the Europa. Famous as the most bombed hotel in the world during the Troubles, it has long since been expensively refurbished – double rooms from $250, with regular online discounts, hastingshotels苏州美甲培训/europa-belfast

TOTAL: $380


Now that almost everyone in the world is watching the HBO fantasy TV series Game of Thrones, you can book a luxury private tour of the show’s filming locations near Belfast – including a visit to the Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, both spectacular sites (from $160, viator苏州美甲培训/Belfast). Head back into town for fresh oysters and champagne at the Mourne Seafood Bar ($70 approx, mourneseafood苏州美甲培训), and if you’re going high-end shopping your money is probably best spent on quality Aran knitwear that will last you a lifetime, as sold by local specialists EilisOg (items from $150, eilisog苏州美甲培训). Deane’s Restaurant remains Belfast’s finest dining option ($150 for the six-course tasting menu, plus wine, michaeldeane.co.uk), and the Merchant Hotel provides for exclusive clubbing and lounging, with five-star accommodation upstairs (double rooms from $330, plus drinks, themerchanthotel苏州美甲培训).

TOTAL: $1000

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Frequent Flyer: Tom Griffith

Tom Griffith, co-founder of Emma & Tom’s Australian-owned natural wellbeing drinks and snacks.


A good mate of mine held a four-day 40th birthday party at the Hotel Splendido in Portofino. It was beautiful to stay in a majestic balconied room looking over the little harbour and Mediterranean Sea.


I have flown with my two young daughters on a weekly basis since they were one and three years old, not always the most relaxing experience. After hundreds of flights, I have to say that Virgin Australia have been exceptionally strong performers, right down to Mark, one of the stewards, blowing up their blue rubber latex gloves and making the girls an elephant each. They still talk about it. Internationally, I am most happy with Singapore business class.


The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji is an hour’s flight from Nadi. It’s very private, the team who run it are faultless, all the fruit and vegetables are grown organically on the island and fish are caught on the reef. There are no telephones or television.


I have had a long relationship with Tumi, in almost every configuration possible. I love their products for their durability and simplicity.


Running gear, every single time. I have loved running around the streets of Paris, along the canals in Amsterdam, the Bund in Shanghai, in the hills surrounding Cape Town and around Stanley Park in Vancouver. You immediately feel like a local, scope out the city and shed any lingering jet lag.


I lived in Whistler for a couple of seasons before we launched Emma & Tom’s. I would love to take my partner high-altitude big-mountain skiing.

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Antonio Carluccio: I know this great little place . . .



London-based Italian chef Antonio Carluccio runs the Carluccio’s restaurant chain in London, has written 18 cookbooks, stars in the SBS show Two Greedy Italians, and has a passion for collecting and cooking mushrooms. See carluccios苏州美甲培训.


My dining table at home. It fits a maximum of 10 people, which is the number I like to have for dinner parties.


The top of the rape plant before it comes into flower. The little spears look and taste like broccoli.


That it’s possible to get tripe as one wishes (not the over-blanched kind) at Chinese food shops.


I don’t go for big nights out. I do, however, like to go to a good Chinese restaurant, or Japanese for sashimi, and I’ve discovered an Italian restaurant called Bocca di Lupo. See boccadilupo苏州美甲培训.


The countryside, provided you have a lovely base from where you can look for mushrooms.


Finding a street market that sells old-fashioned jellied eels.


All food destined for tourists. It’s cheap and nasty and should be forbidden.


I see lots of delicatessens popping up; I hope they sell good food.


June or July. It’s fantastic to see people in London’s many beautiful parks, lying on the grass and just enjoying the moment.

Antonio Carluccio will host a food and wine culinary event at Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa from July 18-20. See wolganvalley苏州美甲培训.

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I don’t want my kids sitting next to a man on a plane

I know it’s sexist. But I don’t want my kids sitting next to a man on a plane.

Sure, almost 90 per cent of child sexual abuse is committed by someone in, or known to, the family, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

However, stranger danger is a risk and women are perpetrators in only about 8 per cent of cases, says the ABS data.

In 2001, Northwest Airlines paid a US family half a million dollars after a 10-year-old girl was molested by a 28-year-old man on a flight from Kansas to Detroit.

So how do we protect our kids?

A spokeswoman for Qantas says the airline is seeing more and more unaccompanied minors travelling, especially during school holidays.

In 2012, flight crew forced a male nurse to swap seats with a female passenger, because he was sitting next to an unrelated girl travelling on her own.

“It seemed I had this sign I couldn’t see above my head that said ‘child molester’,” he said later.

The airline defends its policy, which still states: “Unaccompanied minors are allocated seats next to adult female customers. Where possible, Qantas aims to seat children near crew areas or next to an empty seat.

This policy reflects parents’ concerns and the need to maximise the child’s safety and well-being.”

In the words of former NSW Commissioner for Children and Young People Gillian Calvert: “In the absence of any other test, it’s one way in which the airline can reduce the risk of children travelling alone.”

Virgin also copped criticism when 33-year-old Johnny McGirr was told by a flight attendant: “You can’t sit next to two unaccompanied minors.”

Now, its policy reads: “On a space available basis, we will allocate a spare seat next to the child. In some instances, flight passenger loads may prevent this and a female or male passenger will be seated in the vacant seat.”

My nine-year-old Taj and seven-year-old Grace flew as unaccompanied minors, for the first time, on Virgin last year. They were put in the last row with a bunch of other kids where doting staff plied them with treats.

It was a relief to see their smiling faces at the end but I was disappointed I had no choice about where they’d be sitting.

Fragmented families means there are more young people flying unaccompanied more frequently, some as young as five.

In fact, Virgin has expanded its unaccompanied minors program to include seating in business class, while passengers from the age of two earn points and status credits.

All kids under 10 can collect stamps on a new High Flyer passport, which a Virgin spokeswoman says will instill a sense of pride each time they fly.

But it remains a conundrum: How do we encourage a sense of adventure while ensuring their safety?

My advice is this: Plan well in advance, as airlines have only a limited number of unaccompanied minor seats on each flight.

If you’re worried, request that your child is seated next to another child, or an adult female. Some airlines will quietly comply.

Talk to your child about stranger-danger: Not to scare, but to inform them.

Sure, not all men are paedophiles but offenders are predominantly male.

I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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